Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Costumes to Order


Halloween costumes, whether you want to be a scary or sexy witch, a cool cat in a pvc catsuit or a queen of darkness or light or even a king's courtesan, whatever you want to be this Halloween 2011 you should try 

For Halloween costumes and other no specific costumes, try us, buy us, and let your party be a great Halloween party. You can bob for apples or play many other Halloween party games but it is just not the same without the Halloween costume to boot.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to get that bikini beach body look.


It is that time of year you are trying to drop a kilo or two before the summer sun free-time sunshine arrives. You are thinking how will I fit in to last year's bikini? Maybe every year you buy a new design so the thoughts are which design shall I buy for the beach this year? You have a sneaky feeling that you may have bulged out a little in the tummy region. You have been to the fitness centre many times over the cold winter period but you just couldn't get rid of that last bit of bulge to get you trim and sexy for your sun tanning sessions on your beach of choice. What to do…? First try these few simple steps for the last few weeks before your long awaited holidays.

Step 1: Drink water instead of those sugary soft drinks and save the alcohol time until you are on the long awaited holiday (if at all possible). You don't need on average 180 calories extra intake. Why take those calories when water has none. Try to keep two 1 litre bottles close at hand and finish the two of these during the day and one more if you can manage it. You'll be amazed at what a large intake of water can do for your physical look. Keeps the body cleansed whilst helping to cut out the fat.

Step 2: Keep your portion sizes to a minimum. If you are from a Mediterranean type family and have many plates full of food in front of you to choose from try to just have the whole meal served on one plate. Don't add extra items to your plate once you have begun to eat and if the family are too pushy when it comes to food then don't eat with them, make excuses until the holiday is over and eat alone instead. If you are not from a Mediterranean family then just try to eat a tiny bit less than normal. If you normally put a full spoon of food on to your plate maybe just pour a little back in to the pot. Better to keep your plate rather empty rather than overfill and then feel forced to eat the last part.

Step 3: Take a quick 10-20 minute walk in the morning and if possible the evening too. Leave the car at home more and walk to the corner shop and back. Maybe use you bike to get to work for the two or three weeks prior to your holiday.

Step 4: Let your body be truthful to your mouth and your mouth be truthful to your stomach. Do you really need that second piece of birthday cake? Do you really need to have seconds? Do you really need to have the chocolate bar and then say to yourself, "I'll work it off later at the gym". It is far better to just not fall into temptation and have that perfect beach body ready to be bronzed by the beautiful rays of a summer's sun. Keep the temptation under control and your will have more controllable non-sagging breasts and buns you can bounce a small coin on.

Step 5: You can do your usual dance classes and aerobics classes at the local gym to keep trim for the beach but it is also advisable that the last two weeks before your holiday on that perfect sandy beach, your beach swimsuit catwalk model time, you need to do some weight training. Most, if not all modern gyms have some form of weight machines. If you put these machines on the lowest setting manageable and do 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions you will start to see your body tone up meaning the muscle starts to pull tighter and hiding or distributing the flat to less noticeable areas giving you a better overall look. After doing all of this for the few weeks you will then have a better and more well toned body, a swimsuit and bikini ready body that speaks out, "look at me!" "I look great!"


Visit Bikini Costume Beachwear for some great styles of bikini for the summer season.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day To All The Lovers Out There.

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Make sure you pamper your loved ones today and give each other a wonderful Valentine’s Day. When Valentine’s Day is in the work week it is a little more difficult to make a good day of it. For the hopeless romantics it is always possible to make a good day of it be it on a weekday or the weekend but for the workaholics stuck at work late with overtime or just staying to finish off odds and ends. Get home to your lover and make this their Valentine night.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Most Fabulous Outfits of Katy Perry

By Vanessa Ford

Katy Perry, an American pop musician, began rising the fame with her second single “I Kissed a Girl” in 2008. Then, a series of this singer’s hits including "California Gurls", "Teenage Dream" and "Firework” have topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Besides, she earns much success in movies industry by becoming guest judge on the seventh series of “The X Factor” and acting in the upcoming film “The Smurfs”.


In addition to constant achievements in career, Katy Perry is best-known for her unique sense of fashion with various clothes styles. Here are 10 fabulous outfits that may catch our eyes.

Katy Perry looks cute and fashionable in a carousel dress, which includes pastel merry-go-rounds

Katy Perry looks cute and fashionable in a carousel dress, which includes pastel merry-go-rounds

Perry wears a red and white polka-dotted outfit that helps complete her good retro outfit

Perry wears a red and white polka-dotted outfit that helps complete her good retro outfit

While Lady Gaga has a popular dance hit called “Poker Face”, Katy Perry owns a poker dress that seems to be one fun outfit

Katy Perry owns a card dress that seems to be one fun outfit

The pink panda dress this beautiful singer wears looks adorable when it is paired with her baby blue jersey

The pink panda dress this beautiful singer wears looks adorable when it is paired with her baby blue jersey


One side of her outfit is completed with black tux while the other is tailored as a dress

Katy Perry’s Eyeball Dress is very creative and colorful

Katy Perry’s Eyeball Dress is very creative and colourful

The football outfit seems to be very appropriate to her

The football outfit seems to be appropriate to her

When she arrived at the 2009 European MTV Music Awards in a white chiffon mermaid gown with a cascade of black roses over the right shoulder and down the length of her dress

When she arrived at the 2009 European MTV Music Awards in a white chiffon mermaid gown with a cascade of black roses over the right shoulder and down the length of her dress

Watermelon, cherries and bananas are pretty accents of her dress

Watermelon, cherries and bananas are pretty accents of her dress

Katy Perry looks more fabulous in the snowman dress

Katy Perry looks more fabulous in the snowman dress



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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine’s Day Approaching Fast - Ouch!

When Valentine’s day approaches many men are just not ready for the big day. Many men think this day is not so big a day. Many women do not feel the same way. So, when you see many of these same men scouring the local high streets and main streets trying to find that last rose (usually the one that is wilted and brown) then you know that mankind has done it again, ‘waited too late to shop.’


Whether it be sexy lingerie or roses, chocolates or any other kind of valentine treat you me need to make sure you shop early. There is no time for beating around the bush with this one, get shopping and get shopping early or your beau will be the woman that got the bad rose or the lingerie that was delivered after valentine’s day and you could be the man who is dumped after valentine’s day. Obviously with flowers you have to sometimes wait until the final day but if you don’t know the tricks to keep the flowers looking blooming and you can’t get up early enough in the morning then make sure you at least do the lover’s shop before lunchtime. This could mean the difference between a bedtime romantic and sensual event to a guillotine at dawn. Be careful guys! She is out there ready and waiting, don’t mess it up!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Office Party Christmas Party Lovers

You have spent hours dressing up for that special night, the Christmas Party. You have put your make-up on, your best and favourite and recently purchased lingerie, draped over your lingerie is some sexy party dress number you also recently purchased. You are a primed party girl ready for the Christmas party with mistletoe in hand. Ready and willing to get together with the guy at work you always had your eye on. Hoping he thinks the same about you as you do about him. You have to build up the courage to talk with him whether this be via booze or a friends help of supporting you in the hunt. Of course if office romances go wrong ,especially at Christmas time, it can be difficult to come face to face with your special someone immediately after the festive period and if this man is a talker, he probably will tell his friends, “She made a move on me you know!” The embarrassment of him possibly ridiculing you is almost the moment that stops you from your Christmas conquest.


The Xmas party night comes and you decide to go straight for the jugular. You try your best to act like a vampire out of the Twilight saga and bring your prey down with one fell swoop but obviously not biting but making him yours. You entangle in this long meaningful kiss trying to suck him in like a Star Wars tractor beam. He isn’t escaping now you have him by the “eh errm” balls! Your sexy black dress is being pushed up your thighs by his strong manly hands and you feel safe that by the start of the new year you will no longer be a single girl with a crush but the woman who has won her party hottie. You get to hot and decide that the party is too much for you and you need a quieter place to become more involved with the man you have had eyes on since the previous Christmas party. You slip out from a side exit and go to his place or yours and once there you secure the love with a sexual experience that leaves you both hot under the collar and maybe wanting more. So, the night continues with this on and off sexual passion.


The following morning the beer or spirits once out of your system give you the morning after blues, all you can think about is this man and your sexual play. He is the one for you and you want to call him but now you are playing the special game of how long before I call. Around Christmas time, this is made all the more difficult due to family engagements and parties to go to. You may not see him until after the New Year when you are back at work. The first day back at work hoping that he still feels the same way about you, the Christmas songs and alcoholic haze making the night you shared together seem like a million years away. This example is how some marriages begin, it is how some relationships start and end and is how some hearts inevitably get broken. Christmas is a beautiful, magical but sometimes difficult time for love, just enjoy the moment but don’t pay too much attention to what happened until you have a fresh mind in a fresh new year. Have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. And girls make sure you carry a condom even if he doesn’t, neither diseases or babies at this time of year are welcome presents.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Go to health central to keep your health on track

If you are feeling a little low and like you have a lack of energy you could be on the back end of either a bad hangover, an ME problem or your diet is just generally not sufficient for your lifestyle. There is a great site here: that can help you to gain that hop in your step once again and to also keep that hop in your step. In this modern age of technology and hard non stop work we all need something to keep our life and health in balance this could be the site for you. A selection of products for healthy skin, healthy body and healthy mind, with the sale of infrared saunas and water purification units as well as mobile phone radiation protectors, this could be exactly the site you are looking for. Those that want to become a better person inside and out, here is as good a place as any to start this journey.

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